How to be the Coca Cola
of Traffic Programs

Own a Traffic Exchange, Safelist, Text Ad Exchange, or any other traffic-related program, service or software?

Want to sell more advertising, get more members and build brand loyalty?

Do what almost every company, small and large, does.

Think about it...practically EVERY company on earth uses coupons to boost traffic to their stores, websites and businesses; to increase sales and to create brand loyalty.

Coke, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Subway, Dominoes, Palmolive, Target, Sears, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble, Dell Computer, Zappos, ProFlowers, just to name a few of the little guys ;-)

Name a company..they issue coupons. Isn't it time for us web traffic operators to do it too? Of course!

Now, tie that in with an amazing affiliate program (which you can get in on, if you choose to, at the VERY beginning) and you have pure dynamite.

Now, keep in mind,  I'm not asking any of our partners to give away the store. What you want to offer as far as Traffic Coupons is 100% up to you.

I would be more than happy to work with you in coming up with some ideas if you'd like. Please contact me at

Furthermore, you are welcome to submit coupons for any and all traffic-related sites you own.

not including my own referral links to your sites in the coupons or in your banners. If you want to include a referral link, please let me know, otherwise it will default to your general URL with no referral ID.

If you're interested (and I surely hope you are!) here's the details how to become a part of this exciting program:

Please provide one or more special offers only available Members. You can send as many offers as is reasonable.

The offers can be free memberships, free ads, free credits, discounts, 2 for 1 specials. Whatever you like. Of course, the better Traffic Coupons you offer the more you'll sell and the more new signups you'll get as well. (Free stuff, of course, always works best.).

Include the offer(s) you want to provide, a coupon code (if you want to use one) and instructions how to "redeem" your coupon. In other words, a promo code form, a special order page you provide, or simply to send a request to your support email address. However you choose to implement the redemption is up to you. I do recommend requiring TC Members to provide their TC User Names when they redeem their coupons if that is possilbe. That way, if you want to you can verify with me that they are indeed paid TC Members. You can also include an expiration date for the coupon.

Ready to get started?

NEW! Sell Your Unsold
Advertising Inventory!

Do you sell Solo Ads, Header or Footer ads, Banner ads, etc.? 

Do you sometimes have days where you haven't sold your full inventory?

For example, maybe your site sells, for example, five contact solo ads per day. But some days you've only sold three or four. How about offering them on at a discount to our Members?

Here's how you can sell any unused advertising inventory you want:

Simply contact Support with your exact offer and we will send it out to our Members as well as publish it in our Members area. 

Here's an example (EXAMPLE ONLY):

Adtroopers unsold inventory 2/21/10

AdTroopers has 2 unsold contact solo ads today. Buy one at 1/2 off, or buy 2 for the price of 1.

Instructions on how to order: (simply tell us how to order the ads at discount.)

Traffic Program Owners: Wants to Help You Build Your Membership